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Odeion of Herodes Atticus, Athens

Welcome to mysweetolive.net — the online home of Ambrosia Foods, Inc. — makers of the finest Olive Oil this side of the Mediterranean.

Join us for a learning and taste experience like no other. See the many benefits of preparing food with our specialty Olive Oils, bringing to you enhanced flavor and aromas, as well as the many health benefits that you will derive from its use.

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Ambrosia Foods, Inc · Finest Mediterranean Olive Oil

A brief bio of the Founder: My name is Aspasia, born and raised in Athens, Greece. My educational background includes a degree in Education and Fine Arts. One of my interests is proper Nutrition and Health. I strongly believe we are what we eat and breathe. Following a proper diet accompanied with daily exercise are keys to a healthier living.

Growing up I was fortunate enough to be given golden advice about what food is good and what food is harmful. One product though was part of my every day diet: The Liquid Gold as it was called in ancient times: Olive Oil. My personal Knowledge about the wonderful properties of Olive Oil inspired me and motivated me to create: Ambrosia Foods, Inc.

Here are some examples of Aspasia’s artwork.

I have great hope that Olive Oil will be used more and more each day and The Mediterranean diet will become more inviting to all than prior years. Our goal is to inspire youth to use it therefore 2 products are playful enough to be consumed by children yet we know they will be enjoyed by all children of all ages…I have a son Brian. Very proud for his accomplishments and hard work. He has been extremely supportive to me and my endeavor.

My parents met during the 2nd world war and married a few years later. My mother Toula was born in Ikaria island and my father Spirodon in Corfu island. There is a page dedicated to my father which  will allow you to see his works during his lifetime (1912-1990). An exceptional  self  Taught Artist who left behind a wonderful collection of his classical Art. He was an inspiration for my life always believing in me. A great Tutor who was the first to show me how to hold the brush. He is always in my heart and terribly missed.

Here are some examples of my father’s oil paintings.

Here are some examples of artwork from one of my favorite artists, Stefan Daniel Bell.

I want to take the opportunity to thank some special people in my life, my dear friends who have been so encouraging, supportive and a blessing in my life:

Mr. Robert Couch
Mr. Michael Meckel
Mr. Boudouvas George
Dr. Dennis Miller
Ms. Donna Jardins
My sailing partners: Rena, John, Joe